iTube Youtube Downloader APK Download For Android & PC

iTube is really the app on the century here. The app is unbeatable in terms on its Youtube playing capabilities, as well as the customisability it offers to even the lay user. Not many remember this, but the app was called Playtube till a few months ago when it was revised. The app began with some pretty basic functions, but it was loved by everyone, and now it is growing by leaps and bounds, update by update.

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The latest iTube app gets you tens of features, the most well known among which is the ability to download different audio and video files legally. You can also stream videos without having to encounter the pesky buffering sign. It’s really the app to use for all your entertainment purposes.

How to Download iTube apk app for Android: Latest Version

Well, you’re in luck, because I know just the way to get iTube apk app free on your Android device, and that too the latest version of the app. You won’t find the app of Google’s Play Store. But the internet has several third party websites that cater this apk file for no cost. If you’re looking for the process to download iTube apk app, here’s the method to do so.

iTube APK Download : Android Smartphones


  • First on all, download iTube apk file from the internet. You will find it on plenty of websites and thrid party app stores.psiphon 3 I recommend scanning the file for malware through an anti virus after downloading it, to make sure nothing improper gets inside your device.bluestacks download
  • Go to settings of your smartphone’s home menu.
  • Enter Security and then look for the Unknown Sources option.
  • Toggle to enable it. This allows apps from outside the play store to install on your device. The apk file won’t install if this is not done prior to the setup.
  • Tap the apk file you downloaded to run the setup. Go through the permissions listed, and click Install if you are OK with them.


iTube app should be installed right away. Your device will be ready to play all the audio and video content you like in no time. if you are not satisfied with i tube app you can also try Showbox Pc Version for online movie streaming.

iTube APK Features:

If you’re looking for a reason to download iTube on your Android device, I’ll give you a few.

  • Built in Search Engine: If you’re looking to watch some content and it isn’t available on YouTube, that’s not where your search ends. iTube’s fantastic search engine gets you content from all over the internet, encompassing videos from all sorts of websites to make sure you get to see what you look up.
  • Playlist managing: Choose a playlist you’d like to listen to, from the multiple genres listed. playbox hdThe app gets you the entertainment you enjoy without any content you don’t like to listen to. Listen to the top 100 playlsit if you’re looking to be surprised.
  • Background Playing: Ever wanted to listen to a lecture, and don’t want to pause the video while you reply to a text? iTube lets you run the videos in the background, and you can multitask all you want on the app. This is only one way iTube is better than the official YouTube app in its present form.
  • Take Videos Offline: And if you ever end up wanting to watch a video but not having enough time, use your WiFi or data pack to save them to your device for later. You can watch them when you’re sitting in the bus, or while in bed. It’s pretty great.
  • Unparalleled Ease of Use: That’s not all! With simple tap and zoom gestures to zoom in and out on a video, you know this app is better than YouTube. Get Lyrics to the music you’re listening to so you can sing along. Put a Sleep Timer if you want to drift to sleep while listening to some soothing tunes.

With all this and much more to offer, iTube is positively the app to look out for and get for your device.
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iTube apk 2.0 download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

It is clear that iTube apk 2.0 beats the official YouTube app as well as any other apps around when it comes to utility and pioneering approach to enjoying entertainment. iTube apk also makes new inroads into background playing, which is arguably the number one demanded feature by the internet savvy audience.

Unfortunately, iTube apk 2.0 is not available for iOS users on the App Store. This sadly means that iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users won’t be able to access the amazing features this app has to offer.
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But if you’re willing to try out an unofficial store, you can get iTube 2.0 for your iOS device. The means is via vShare. Here’s what you need to do.


  • Download vShare over your device. If you’re using a dmg file, transfer it to iTunes, run it and then Trust the app when asked.
  • Enter vShare, and look up iTube 2.0 app. Download it to your device.
  • You will be asked if you trust the app when you instal iTube 2.0 of the device. Click Trust.



You should be able to run iTube 2.0 of your iOS device without any hassle now. Enjoy the barrage of great features right on your device.

The best stuff about iTube is that it is 100% free, despite having features that should be worth a fortune. There’s no excuse to make, you need to Download iTube app for your device right away!